About to undergo knee surgery?

No doubt you have questions and concerns about your upcoming knee procedure.

Rare, yet disturbing complication of KNEE SURGERY is nerve damage

UsingHemaClear® instead of a pneumatic tourniquet prevents this

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Most knee surgeons use a tourniquet for knee surgery to reduce blood loss and improve the visibility of bones, muscles, nerves, and vessels. However, wide pneumatic tourniquets are known to cause nerve damage in some patients.

Your doctor will tell you more about the possible side effects of a tourniquet.

The narrow profile of HemaClear® has been proven not to cause nerve damage.

Over 1.2 million HemaClear® devices have been used in surgery. And when HemaClear® is used, there is significantly less pain after surgery and less chance for an infection or damage to your leg.

We’ll gladly provide your surgeon with information about HemaClear®.

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